Early history, 2008

PROG Apps is a software development consultancy company by Miķelis Zaļais and “the team”.

PROG Ltd was started in 2008 by students of Vidzeme University college in Valmiera, Latvia. Building database backed websites on PHP and MySQL was the hype/thing at the time. Drupal seemed like the best bet as a powerful open source CMS. 

“The system [Drupal] is smarter than I am. So I can only gain by learning it.”, Miķelis said at the time.


There was a trend of consultancy companies being formed in Europe and America around delivering Drupal professional services. The likes of Lullabot, Acquia, Krimson, NodeOne etc. Miķelis had an urge to jump on the bandwagon. Ernests joined as a business administrator, to get the company started and keep it running. He was not enthusiastic about technologies, but was great with paperwork, calculation and people – employees and clients alike. This separation of duties was working great for us since the beginning.

The 2008 crisis didn’t seem to impede the companies success. First tenders were won, first projects delivered. First employees were soon hired and trained.

Drupal consultancy and partnership, 2011

The limits of Latvian market were soon too small for our ambitions, and we started looking to international markets.


Here’s the famous Twitter post that brought us together with Finnish partners. In partnership Mearra Latvia was born in 2011. This partnership not only allowed for us to grow, but also taught us everything we know about running a great professional services (consultancy) business, delivering successful projects and taking great care of the team. Out of this partnership, Wunder Latvia was born – the award winning Digital Services company. But that’s a different story, check them out here: https://wunder.io


European stint, 2019

Miķelis has been delivering Drupal analysis, architecture and development services to the European Commision institutions. He’s endured the red-tape, challenging requirements and strict standards typical to these environments. He endured, delivered, grew his GRIT score and emerged successfully from all challenges.


During this era, he expanded his PHP tech stack to include Laravel & Livewire. He also loves Tailwind and AlpineJS. This is referred to as TALL stack, and is a great way to deliver full stack web experiences with very limited resources quickly. Among other front-end, back-end and cloud technologies.


New beginnings with Flutter, 2020

Mobile app development has been a curiosity for Miķelis. Not having enough time to work on own mobile app ideas, and a lucky meeting/phone call – triggered the next story of this company – PROG Apps for building great mobile apps.


We’ve made extra care with choosing the right tool for the job. It is increasingly clear that Flutter is the best tool for many mobile app use cases. See this blog post why we chose Flutter.


Similar to choosing Drupal, we believe we’re continuing a streak of choosing the winning technology early. We’ve been growing the team, learning the technology and applying it to our own projects. Now we’re ready to deliver Mobile apps as a full service.

We’re open for business!


prog team 2022
prog team 2022
prog apps

Based in Latvia. 

In business since 2008.

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